Spotseeker is a online platform dedicated to sports travels. Spotseeker will provide you with relevant information on places and spots listed on the platform along with three lines of services that we consider as essential for your holiday organisation, your accommodation, sports schools and car rentals.

The Spotseeker team is driven by passion and love of travelling. Julien Maurel the founder of Spotseeker has been a professional windsurfer for over 3 years, competing around the world. Julien is also a fund of surfing, Suping and kitesurfing. We are experts of the destinations we offer and we ride all the spots we advertise. We understand your needs, thus we are able to assist you every step of the way through your booking and your holiday!

Lowest prices! We get our prices directly from our service providers and do not put any margins on top of it! We work with online booking prices, which means that the prices you get on Spotseeker are usually discounted by up to 15 % with certain accommodation, car rental and sport school providers we work with. You will get the same or cheaper prices as if you go directly to the accommodation, sport school or car rental we advertise.

Travel with a peace of mind! We make sure everyone we work with is right with the law and offer a service or product that is up to the required industry standards or above. Everyone listed on our platform has a valid licence and insurance cover to operate. We are also insured above the industry standards.

For now, we only feature the following sports: Windsurfing, Kitesurfing, Surfing, and Stand Up Paddling. We chose to start with these sports as we practice all of them. We understand the needs of people who travel to practice these sports and are able to provide relevant and precise information about the spots.

Yes you can! Simply add the items you would like to book into your basket by pressing the “+” next to the “ADD” button associated with the product you would like to book.
We will confirm the availability of your product or service in the shortest time possible. If your product or service is available, your booking will be on hold for 24hrs and confirmed only when the payment of your deposit or full payment is made to Spotseeker (depending of the time of the booking). If your requested booking is not available, we will do our best to offer you alternatives that match your first booking criterias as close as possible.

Once the availability of your booking is confirmed, we will send you an invoice by email where you will be able to pay by credit card directly on Spotseeker. We accept Visa, MasterCard and Amex cards. You will be asked to pay for your deposit, the balance or the full amount of your order, this will depend on the timing of the invoicing and the start date of your booking period.
Once your invoice has been created and sent to you, you have 48 hrs to make the payment in order to confirm the order. Past that delay your booking will no longer be on hold if the payment due was a deposit, or your booking can be canceled if the payment due was the balance payment for the total booking amount. Cancellation fees may apply in this situation according to our “Terms and Conditions”.

We have our cancellation policies set out in our “Terms and conditions” for more details. Here are the two options we offer to you:

1 – You want to cancel and want to be reimbursed, then our “Cancellation policies” and/or fees will apply.

2 – We give you a VOUCHER for the total amount of the money paid to us to be used anywhere and anytime on Spotseeker. This will be a valid option only if you want to cancel, and you are entitled to a reimbursement. This is a good option if you don’t want to pay the bank fees and charges associated with the reimbursement transfer.

If you booked tuitions and there is no wind during your stay, most of the schools will offer alternative activities to do within the budget that you spent on tuitions at their school. Some alternatives activities might be more expensive and you might be asked to pay the difference to match the price difference.

If you don’t want to do any of the other activities the school offers, you can ask for a voucher from the school (not all schools offer vouchers) or from Spotseeker that will be valid for another trip. You can ask a voucher from Spotseeker only if the school accepts to reimburse entirely or partially the booked/tuition amount. The voucher issued by Spotseeker will be based and will represent the reimbursed amount and not the booked/tuition amount.

You can ask for a reimbursement, but schools have different cancellation policies and Spotseeker does not warranty that you will get reimbursed, the decision lies with the school. If you are reimbursed, all fees like bank charges and international transfer fees (if any) will be at your charge accordingly to our “Terms and Conditions”.

For rentals, some school might accept that you use the amount paid for equipment rental on other activities they offer or give you a voucher for the same amount paid to be used some other time in their school. But usually in the situation where the rented equipment can not be used because the weather does not allow it, most schools will not take responsibility for that and usually no refund are effectuated.



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