At Spotseeker, we are fueled by our passion for sports and our insatiable thirst for new experiences. We believe it is time to innovate travelling and we want to bring you a new sports travel platform that is in line with our modern world: innovative yet simple, accessible yet progressive. Through Spotseeker, we aim at meeting the expectations as to what a travel website should do, feel and look like.

The platform

The core idea behind Spotseeker is to give sports enthusiasts a platform through which they can find, organize and fully customise their holidays; and that according to their centres of interests, whether it be a sport or a destination in particular.


Just like our community, Spotseeker wants to strengthen our core values and reflect them to the maximum through our services. We promise to uphold honesty, simplicity, precision, focus and innovation.

One community

Our community of water sports lovers is vibrant and filled with values. We want Spotseeker to stay true to this community and reflect their real needs through our services.

360' Holidays

Through Spotseeker you will be able to browse the best spots for different sports, compare accommodations, sports schools as well as car rentals and book your holidays all at once! Welcome to the future of sports travel, welcome to!